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When Your Business Is In The Home

You have launched the home based business you have sought after for quite some time. This is a great first step toward achieving the financial success and lifestyle you dream of. One of the first things that needs to be accomplished is preparing your home office to run your newly established business venture. You want to choose a space that will help you avoid any possible distractions, that will interrupt your progress. If you have family, your office may have to be off limits to them.

You may want to stay away from other distractions such as the television or windows overlooking the different areas outside and in the house that may cause distractions to your work. This work space for your new home business needs privacy, light, and room for all the things that you will add to it. It should also be comfortable, organized, and equipped to stay positive, to keep you motivated, and develop the habits that will make you successful. Your home office will need a adequate size desk, lamp or similar lighting and a comfortable chair for you to work from. Just as important, will be the tools of your trade; a computer, printer, fax, scanner, clock, file cabinet and phone system. A good quality phone system will keep things productive throughout the day and should include a headset, flash button, mute, and preferably a speakerphone with mute.

Speed dial and caller ID can also be very useful. Having a business cell phone will also keep you available while you are away from your office so you may not miss any calls from your clients, customers or associates. There are many affordable, and simple resources that you may obtain from your local phone company such as voice mail, message forwarding, three-way calling, call waiting and so forth that will help you keep important phone calls and potential customers, associates and clients very close, no matter where they live in the world. Learn to use these tools effectively. You should also consider having additional lines installed for your business phone and fax.

You will probably be spending a lot of time on the phone, so it will be very important to call around for the best possible deals on long distance service in your area. When recording your voicemail message, make sure you come across in a business-like professional manner, but be sure to be energetic and upbeat about what you are doing. You should keep a calendar for appointments, and work out a way of tracking your work and prospects. Purchase a PDA, but if you are more like me and prefer the more traditional methods of collecting data, start with a 3-ring binder, pocket folder, daytimer, or other method to keep all your information (contact numbers, company paperwork, etc.) accessible and organized, as you begin.

Also remember to keep on hand a supply of printer paper, ink cartridges, empty disks or CDs to store data. There is nothing worse than running out of these staples when you are busy. Keep motivational tools such as your goals, books, tapes, CDs and DVDs, and other motivational items like lists that describe your ideal day, photos of your children or spouse, images of the the items you want, when your financial goals are achieved, all work wonders when posted boldly around your office. Sometimes your favorite inspirational music playing in the background, will keep you company as you work and really helps you progress along. Remember that these suggestions are to assist you with your success; but remember, success is attained from within, not with tools and gadgets. These suggestions are to ease your workload and improve your efficiency.

The real test of your success will come from the ability of you, to develop the power to take control of your life and make your dreams come true.

Terry Sauerbier is a successful marketing consultant and entreprenuer. He has launched several successful start-up businesses on and off line. To learn more about his secrets to success and how you can achieve the same financial freedom, visit http://www.real-income-real-success.com

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