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When You Feel Bad Because They Did Not Stay in the Network Marketing Business

Have you ever had team members quitting your Network Marketing Business? Did it affect you? Did you feel it was your fault? Maybe it was something you should have done to make them stay? Well, let me tell you.Don't take it personally! So long as you did your part to be a good sponsor and did not do anything to drive them away, ultimately you can't decide who stays to build the business or who goes. So long as you have these key components in your network marketing business, you have done enough. Follow these tips. Tip 1: Rather then focusing on 1 person. It is better to build a resource that allows everyone in your team to be informed of the best way to market the business.

This can be a system or a blog. By Blogging what you've done to get success, your team will be able to learn of the resources you took to have success and copy it. Out line the steps you took, then send an email to your team to let them know what you did. Tip 2: A more advanced but better way is to set up an Internet Network Marketing System.

Internt Network Marketing Systems are based on duplication. When someone plugs into the system, he will have the same resource the leader has. The leader will also be able to communicate all his ideas in a closed system not accessible to the internet public, thus ensuring exclusive information for his team only. The Internet Network Marketing system will include, webhosting, domain name, Sales Copy, some level of human interaction, auto responder, training pages a new enrollee can follow to become independent. In the end, what sets the one success story apart from the other comes down to not of lack of tools, but the one that took action. Tip 3: Focus on "filling the funnel".

As a Network Marketer, you need to be focused on always filling the funnel. Don't pick and choose who you want to be on your team. In this industry, you can't do that. It is not an interview where you are choosing specific candidates as anyone as the potential to be the next 6/7 figure earner in Network Marketing. The idea is this, fill up the funnel with people, and see who gets filtered through and who steps up to take action.

Your job is just to find the gems and plug them into the Internet Network Marketing system where they will then follow the same steps to find success. Tip 4: Find a few leaders and cultivate them. When you have found a few people that are working hard to build their business. Support them. They are your managers and its good to master mind with them on how to grow the business further.

Working as a team with a core group, ensures retention and group belonging. Fresh ideas from committed members can result in highly successful campaigns. By following these ideas, you will keep your mind focused on the big picture, which is to fill the funnel with prospects.

This takes the guess work out of what to do as a sponsor to keep people in your team as the Internet Network Marketing system is already doing that for you. Those who stay and take action are the ones you want, those who go.are still friends.

The system was the one that got rejected. In the end, all you have is a targeted group of motivated individuals and that is what you really want on your team.

Sherman Choo is a well-known Internet Marketer and Funded Sponsoring Franchise model expert. Visit his Webpage now to discover how his business model is changing the way people make money online! http://www.creditstocash.com/r/shermanchoo

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