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Sellers and Buyers

All of eBay is made up of buyers and sellers. That is, after all, the sole purpose for the sites existence. Ebay has gone to great lengths to bring buyers and sellers together for a mutually beneficial experience. Once a buyer has bid on an item and won the bid he is required to purchase the item. A binding agreement has been made and a buyer cant just change his mind.

For this reason it is very important that buyers read descriptions of items carefully and learn about the seller before they place a bid on an item. http://allbizinabox.com/affiliate/ When an item is sold, the seller is obligated to deliver the item that has been sold and to do so in a timely manner.

The buyer cant wait weeks before they ship the purchased item to the buyer. Ebay strives to create a cordial relationship between buyers and sellers and for both to be able to tell other eBay users about their buying or selling experience with one another. For this reason both buyers and sellers are asked to send feedback about each purchase and each sale that is made. Both buyers and sellers establish reputations on eBay via feedback left for each transaction that they are involved in.

There are three feedback options. There is a positive, neutral, and negative feedback option. A positive feedback raises a buyers or sellers rating by one point. A neutral feedback neither raises nor lowers a buyers of sellers rating. A negative feedback lowers a buyers or sellers rating by one point.

http://allbizinabox.com/affiliate/ The feedback procedure is very simple. It requires only a minute, yet it is a very important part of each transaction made. Leaving a negative feedback is a serious thing and should not be done without just cause.

http://allbizinabox.com/affiliate/ Thank you, http://allbizinabox.com/affiliate/.

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Establishing Good Credit

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