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Bodybuilding and your Training Errors Part

It is a well-known fact that following training your body ability to synthesis protein is enhanced. It is also pretty well known that post training muscle tissue becomes more insulin sensitive and simple carbohydrates are more likely to replenish glycogen than be stored as body fat at this time. Such valuable knowledge has really assisted many bodybuilders get positive results from training. It is important to eat mainly post training in preference to other times of the day. Just to confirm this new learnt knowledge, carbs are needed well before training begins just to get through the session anyway and an important requirement during training is a high blood pool of aminos which will be present through proteins consumed hours before.

Make sure you eat those radical nasty goodies prior to training though so they are actually present and working in your blood stream at the point of greatest oxidative stress (during and straight after training) rather than having them hanging around in your stomach digesting while your over trained body is shouting out for help after training. This same strategy should be brought to bear all day long. If you are going to be sitting on a chair for the next 3 hours then cut out some carbs and keep the protein high in your meal. If you have a gruelling leg workout coming up then get your complex carbs, a mix of proteins, plenty fluids and antioxidants in before you even set off for the gym. By all means continue to supplement your training with post workout specialist nutrition but do it as part of an overall nutrition strategy based on your upcoming needs. It doesn't happen very often that a competing bodybuilder owns up to being outclassed by his fellow competitors.

Nine times out of ten you will hear all sorts of back stabbing comments and low life conspiracy theories regarding the judges or the event organisers. Competitors will come up with virtually anything as an excuse for their own pathetic looking physiques that just weren't up for it on the big day. Once again this stems from the subjective way in which bodybuilding is judged, but it could be helped out a lot if judges were forced to take written notes on each physique along with scoring in each round.

The competitors could then view these documents after the show and see what was lacking. If every judge at the table writes "Followed the Homer Simpson pre-contest diet" next to your name in the posing round then you know what the problem was, right? Bodybuilders are renowned for fooling themselves into thinking that they are actually making real progress. The reason being is that this sport has nothing to offer as far as a true guide is concerned for judging muscle gains. So what should a bodybuilder do to compensate this?.Well a cool way to see your own gains is to have a couple of photos taken each year in the same light with the same pose.

That way you can keep track better on physique and don't forget to do a fat content test as well. So in a nutshell, gains in lean mass and/or losses in body fat create muscular girth growth although the waist won't really change much. If aren't able to loose fat or gain muscle, you probably might want to think "Why the hell am I training?" If you look up Bodybuilding in the dictionary it says "building lean and large muscles", so if you don't manage to do that then you aren't actually bodybuilding and that is the name of the game, right? Every time I hear this I know immediately that that competitor is at a dead end in his / her training and nutrition and has stopped making gains.

How many times have you seen a judging sheet in a bodybuilding contest where a competitor was marked down for carrying too much muscle and being too lean? So what must your objectives be? More muscle? Always. Better condition? Always. The majority of bodybuilders are virtually insane. As defined by Albert Einstein "Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results".

This is a perfect description for how bodybuilders consistently eat and train. You will quite often come across bodybuilders in the gym who never seem to change, but who are quite happy to carry on with the same training and nutrition routines. Progress in the gym is by far your most important objective and if you aren't achieving anything then now is the time to make some serious changes. Do you really want to look the same after 5 years of training? It's more than likely that your training routine wants a serious look at, but if you have been working out for a while now then consider changing your general eating habits. Something else you might hear in the gym is some dude saying that he just hasn't got the genetic makeup for bodybuilding.

Well let me tell you, this guy just has no clue on training, eating properly or recovering and how the hell can he possibly reach his maximum possible gain? Well let me just rephrase that again, I mean size just makes no difference at all when it comes to making big muscle gains.

Author: Mick Hart... a genuine bodybuilding and anabolic steroids expert reveals all on training, nutrition and steroids

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